Piazza Maggiore Terrace


The Piazza Maggiore Terrace is an exceptional location, refined and elegant, where the charm of the story embraces new structures and where the art live together with modernity.
The Terrace is a large and dynamic space, situated on the top floor of a beautiful historic house, in the center of Bologna, overlooking the square symbol of Bologna, Piazza Maggiore. It is ready to host exclusive and prestigious events and ensure their success.

The Piazza Maggiore Terrace offers an interior with a sober style, renovated with a masterly work of architectural control. The stylized sensuality of the diagonals, the wealth of nuances ton sur ton soften conceptualism, creating a cozy and measured environment. The large available volume creates a complex sensory experience that amplifies the importance of space and dematerialize it, introducing suggestive points of view and perspectives.
In the visual continuum of movement through the house, this multiplicity of weaves and textures overlaps into a stream of discrete plots that, in the simplicity of their non-color, transforms the geometry of the environment in a landscape in motion always interesting, always enriched by a detail, by a reflection, by a new overlap. This effect amplifies the space, multiplies it as if it were a mirror, even without light, follows the real space through a virtual window. The volume of spaces, the dynamism that distinguishes them and makes them easily accessible and manageable, the modern and refined design, all contribute to the realization of meetings of great charm.

What makes the location unique is its terrace which offers a fascinating panorama that sweeps from the Basilica of San Petronio, in Piazza Maggiore, to the hills of Bologna, ideal to be reserved for cocktail parties and receptions, perfect to get invited to the wedding celebrated in the nearby Town House.  At night it becomes the stage for a more evocative and original toast, a drink with friends, a romantic dinner by candlelight or an after-dinner under the stars.

The Piazza Maggiore Terrace can accommodate different kind of  events:

  • Conference / Convention / Meeting / Workshop (up to 50 people);
  • Set of Photography and Film / Fashion Shows Art Exhibitions;
  • Gala Dinner / Corporate Dinner / Cocktail.