Torfanini Palace

The Palace was built by BartolomeoTorfanini in the sixteenth century. The Torfanini family, of humble origins, had relationships with the Roman Curia that bestowed on Bartholomew the office of apostolic prothonotary, that is the writer of the official texts of the papal Curia. This role facilitated the social and economic rise of the family and the palace in Via Galliera represented the prestigious status acquired. Around 1540 the building was decorated with remarkable frescoes by Prospero Fontana (Stories of the founding of Rome) and, above all by Nicolòdell’Abate. This latter painted an important series of frescoes, which in a succession of individual scenes tell the stories of the defeat of Tarquin and episodes of Orlando Furioso. The Palace later became the homes of other prominent families in Bologna: Volta, Piastri, Foresto and Cesare Princes of Este. Since 1719 the Palace became the residence of the sister of Cesare and Foresto, Maria Caterina Princess of Carignano, so it was called the “Palace of the Princess”, as it is still known today. The building was then inherited by Benedetta and Amalia”Serene Highnesses” sisters Princesses of Modena, who commissioned its restructuring to the architect Torreggiani in 1732. To this architect, one of the most important of the period and author of numerous churches in Bologna, we owe the present facade and layout of the Palace. It remained with the Este family until 1779, when it was purchased by Joseph FabbiLicci, a silk merchant. Throughout the nineteenth century and to these days the building was then owned by the Zucchini family.

Via Galliera, 4
40121 – Bologna